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Some things are meant to be seen from a birds-eye view which, if you aren’t a bird, can only be experienced shooting with a drone. Bobby has many years of experience shooting video with drones. But that’s not what makes his drone videos special. His “no fear” approach to shooting means doing whatever it takes to get the shot he has in mind – even if that means crashing a few times!


Bobby’s creativity and drive to get the perfect angle and the absolute best video means your finished product leaves your audience wanting more.



Three friends fall in love with jet skiing and the big surf in the ocean off Martha's Vineyard and Gloucester. Hurricane season is their favorite time of year when the storms roll up from the South and produce fierce action in the ocean. They keep going out on their jet skies in small craft advisories and Coast Guard warnings where they are the only people on the water. In the worst oceans they feel connected to the creator through the power of the oceans energy.


Addicted to the adrenaline and the feeling of flying off 10-20 foot waves they keep pushing the boundaries of safety trying to get higher and higher testing the ocean. But when things go bad their lives will change forever.



stunt work

It may sound cliché – but Bobby is literally a one-stop shop. Starting with his no non-sense approach to everything he does he can co-create, direct, produce and act in your video. He can also provide voiceover.  This ultimately saves you time and money because one person is managing almost all aspects of the process.


And you won’t ever have to worry about “getting the shot” when he is in front of the camera either. Bobby is a perfectionist and will critique his own work long after you think you are satisfied!